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Two dogs came running at me as I walked down the trail towards Leaping Tiger Gorge in a remote town in the far west of China. There I was, all alone in the Yunnan countryside, far from a city, about to be attacked. In a split second, I raised the metal pole I had purchased the night before as a hiking stick.

In 2011, the author, Mitchell Blatt, went to China to study abroad and travel by train all summer. Since then, he has traveled through more than 15 provinces, including Sichuan, Hunan, Beijing, and Hainan. He has lived in Yunnan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Nanjing, where he is currently working as an editor at a bilingual magazine. Now, for the first time, Mitchell has shares his travel stories along with some of his columns on foreign affairs and Hong Kong culture in a unified form.

Read about:
- How Hong Kong democracy activists strategized in the year preceding Occupy Central.
- How thousands of merchants come from Burma, Laos, and all over China to Dali, Yunnan for the largest ethnic temple fair in China.
- The remote Chinese minority tribe in Guizhou that is still allowed to own firearms.
- How Kanye West’s experience living in China as a child shaped him into being the superstar he is today.
- The legend of Anita Mui, an impoverished girl who started singing on the streets of Hong Kong at age 5 and grew up to be the “Maddona of Asia”.
- Protests that brought 80,000 Hong Kongese to surround the legislative building in defense of free speech.

- …and more.
Here you can download a free preview of his ebook.

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If you do not wish to enter your email to receive the free preview, visit directly to purchase the ebook here: Finding Harmony.